4 beauty secrets of Japanese woman

Japanese women shower with hot water, eat hot soup and do not drink water while eating… to beautify skin, improve digestion and circulatory support.

Japanese women live longer, healthier, slender and have beautiful skin. Instead of paying attention to protein, carbohydrates, calories and forget to listen to the body, they promote harmony. Here are four basic rules to help young Japanese women always young and beautiful, according to Bright Side.

If exercise as sumo, you will look like sumo


Sumo wrestler does not eat breakfast. When they weak up, they exercise immediately before lunch and then go to sleep and again this process.

Too much exercise makes the body prone to deteriorate. After a hard exercise, you will hungry, just like eating a big dinner and then go to bed. The result is you both increase muscle and fat.

An unusual error when lack of scientific training is breathing too fast. Breathing slowly shows that everything is normal, and fast breath makes your brain belive that the body needs more energy from sweets.

The warmth is life

Food provides energy for us to exist. Summer vegetables, fruits help you adapt to the heat longer, and winter food is rich in calories to keep heat.

Eating raw vegetables preserve vitamin, but sometimes cooling the body. Preferably, you should cook the fiber like the Japanese for a warm and energetic body.

Do not drink water while eating


The Japanese do not drink water while eating for two reasons. First, fluids make the body cold. Second, this is damaging the digestive system. Science has shown that water neutralize the amount of stomach acid produced for digestion so the body will consume more energy and you will want to eat more.

Let’s learn from Japanese people to eat hot soups to provide enough water for the body.

Hot bath for longevity

relax in bath with candles

Thanks to hot water, your muscles will relax and improves blood circulation in a natural way. Soaking in hot water for at least 2 times per month will help beautify skin and aid digestion.

Water temperature should be around 38-40 ° C.


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